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KESS v2 Master - professional tool for ECU chip tuningKESS V2 software V2.55 with firmware V5.030Compared to version 5.017, 101 new protocols have been added, 539 protocols have been updated and fixed.Compared to version 5.028, 51 new protocols have been added, 275 protocols have been updated and fixed.Compared with version 5.028, protocols have been added that allow working with Simos PCR2.1, SID208, SID211 blocks without opening and unlocking them on the table. There is now support for working with VAG Delphi DCM6.2, BMW F series units via OBD connector.Added work with blocks:BMW F series EDC17XXBMW F series MEVD17BMW F series MEVD17 M&SChevrolet Delco E39 / E39AChrysler TCU ZF 8HP70Cummins Iveco, Kamaz CM2150EFAL Marelli MM10JAFord / Landrover Sid208 / Sid209 OBD Unlock + OBD Reading / writingFord Sid807 OBD Unlock + OBD reading / writingFord SID211 OBD Unlock + OBD reading / writingFord EDC17CP65GM / Opel / Chevrolet Delco T34GM / Opel / ChevroletDelco E80Iveco EDC17C69JLR MED17.9.7Mercedes SID307 / 310Porsche SDI10.1Porsche SDI10.2Porsche SDI21.xRenault Hitachi BED434Subaru Hitachi petrol SH72543Toyota Denso Gen2VAG Simos PCR2.1 OBD unlock + OBD writingVAG DCM6.2VAG Marelli IAW 9GWVAG Simos 12.2 support addedVAG DQ200 / DQ250 MQBVAG Temic DSG DL501Volvo SID807EVOand others.We can also update your device. Everything is done programmatically, your hardware must be correct.For our device there is a server with stock firmware, which contains more than 10,000 stocks for VAG, Porsche, Toyota, BMW.With the purchase of the device, 1 year of virtual reading subscription as a gift.Specify prices.Youtube :

KESS V2 software V2.55 with FW V5.030